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  2. Under normal circumstances, this is prevented by only allowing one player to fight the Tarrasque at a time. Others will get a messages along the lines of, "<Player> is currently fighting the Tarrasque". However, upon receiving this message, players are given a prompt that requires them to select "more" to continue playing. If the player exits the client via the x in the top right while the prompt is active, the client is closed but the player remains flagged for having encountered the Tarrasque. Once the player who was fighting the Tarrasque is finished (one way or the other), the other player can log in and will be greeted with the Tarrasque fight regardless of whether the Tarrasque has changed location.
  3. -More sinful choices/actions outside of Steward/King/Council/Valar stuff. Make sin more rewarding in some ways but much more painful in others. Examples: Ability to kill helpful npcs like Treebeard, Hercules, etc. for greater stat boosts and massive sin. Ability to kill merchants (please I need to kill some of them so badly). Special actions unlocked only at very high sin levels. Maybe something like being able to eat the corpses of players/monsters for stat boosts. High sin makes degens a lot worse. High sin causes permanent poison. High sin has a chance of attracted much higher size monsters. -Remove Balrog's experience drain. This can be exploited to create characters with unreasonably high stats. Though doing so requires abstaining from picking up any special titles (King, Council, Valar, etc.), it's still a way to avoid having a character die. I have had some fun exploiting this, but I feel like it's outside the spirit of the game for such an exploit to be allowed. -Allow Council Members, Valars, and Ex-Valars to find the Arkenstone. It's a little silly that one of the pinnacle treasures of the game can't be found once you cross the level 3000 threshold. Is it a bug, or intended? Perhaps a few tweaks to it's benefits would make this a viable change. -Allow the Lost Mines dungeon to show up at all levels beyond 300. The Lost Mines is one of the coolest parts of the game, in my opinion. Why make it go away at 900? -Add new dungeons. Examples: A gauntlet type dungeon where you go in a straight line, facing ever greater challenges. You can always leave after each fight, but the growing rewards offer incentives to continue. Randomize the length, with longer version being extremely rare (and difficult!) A maze dungeon with no monsters and only a single great reward at the end. Similar mechanic to torches to force limitations on time spent inside. A dungeon with some kind of logic puzzle. Solve it correctly for a nice reward. Get it wrong and suffer greatly (permanent stat losses, high poison, etc.) -Add a secondary goal after 3000. The ability to become the new Dark Lord. Maybe a high level character decides that the grail is for losers? Make it possible to find an evil grail with high enough sin and descend to the depths of depravity as the Dark Lord. Have this also change the name of the Dark Lord monster to "Dark Lord <Playername>"
  4. I play pathfinder because thats what I first got into. It is very similar to DnD. Tabletop games... oh boy I could go on for hours. My collection is over 150 games. I like to pick them up at thrift stores if you visit often enough you will find some awesome stuff.
  5. Could we add a simple counter for how many monsters / players / dark lords / etc were killed? Right on the stat page.. maybe even have a naming scheme for player progression. "The Slaughterer" Maybe just a counter. Warmexxus smashed 6,543 monsters. 2 Players. 1 Funny Bone. Ouch.
  6. Would really enjoy hearing your experiences.
  7. Not sure if this is a bug or not but when I transform a monster in the lost mines a new monster does not appear. *poof they disappear* and I get to keep going. Collect the treasure in the room and keep going.
  8. This has already been fixed.
  9. Maybe it's been mentioned before, I'm not sure. I was just attempting to duel with DangerousDave and when he evaded the game crashed for both us, we were both set back to a previous state. He lost a 10k shield. That could be an issue I think if a pvp can crash the server, though you guys ought to know about it. Hope you're well
  10. It is only a problem with the Windows Client as it's not a problem for Schack who's on a Mac.
  11. I have nothing but time, patience, and the utmost respect for you guys. You keep this fantastic game alive and updated and that is more than I could hope for. I'm just keeping y'all informed of how it's working. Enough thanks cannot be given.
  12. Scoreboard does load on the java client so it might be deprecated code on the new client. We will get it resolved.
  13. We here at Phantasia are going to try our darndest to get this resolved in a timely matter. I just ask you guys have patience with us
  14. Just saw these replies. Thanks. The scoreboard doesn't popup, the main buttons lose labels.. the app hangs waiting for a forced reload. Player list stays up but clicking on any names doesn't produce a popup.
  15. I'm not sure why this is happening. It might add part of the line to a buffer and then determine that the buffer is full before sending the rest of the line, so the remainder would go in the next packet. In theory, I'm not sure that this should matter, but I'm guessing it might be confusing the client. I've just changed the code to only try to add whole lines to the buffer. Anyway, let us know if this helps.
  16. That is a database problem, we will get it fixed.
  17. I'm writing to let the devs know that when I click the scoreboard, nothing comes up, the app just hangs until the player times out but it never comes back.
  18. I don't know but I really love that other player's name. He's got good taste.
  19. *update - The conniving - Is actually the contriving. I received this on two chars that were head hunted, I now believe it is from trying to gain a favorable advantage from the game. aberrant - this one comes from playing a character in an non standard way, ie a fighter with high brains
  20. Bijo


    I am new to the game. I cant connect to the server. Is it still up?
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