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  2. I play pathfinder because thats what I first got into. It is very similar to DnD. Tabletop games... oh boy I could go on for hours. My collection is over 150 games. I like to pick them up at thrift stores if you visit often enough you will find some awesome stuff.
  3. Could we add a simple counter for how many monsters / players / dark lords / etc were killed? Right on the stat page.. maybe even have a naming scheme for player progression. "The Slaughterer" Maybe just a counter. Warmexxus smashed 6,543 monsters. 2 Players. 1 Funny Bone. Ouch.
  4. Would really enjoy hearing your experiences.
  5. Not sure if this is a bug or not but when I transform a monster in the lost mines a new monster does not appear. *poof they disappear* and I get to keep going. Collect the treasure in the room and keep going.
  6. This has already been fixed.
  7. Maybe it's been mentioned before, I'm not sure. I was just attempting to duel with DangerousDave and when he evaded the game crashed for both us, we were both set back to a previous state. He lost a 10k shield. That could be an issue I think if a pvp can crash the server, though you guys ought to know about it. Hope you're well
  8. It is only a problem with the Windows Client as it's not a problem for Schack who's on a Mac.
  9. I have nothing but time, patience, and the utmost respect for you guys. You keep this fantastic game alive and updated and that is more than I could hope for. I'm just keeping y'all informed of how it's working. Enough thanks cannot be given.
  10. Scoreboard does load on the java client so it might be deprecated code on the new client. We will get it resolved.
  11. We here at Phantasia are going to try our darndest to get this resolved in a timely matter. I just ask you guys have patience with us
  12. Just saw these replies. Thanks. The scoreboard doesn't popup, the main buttons lose labels.. the app hangs waiting for a forced reload. Player list stays up but clicking on any names doesn't produce a popup.
  13. I'm not sure why this is happening. It might add part of the line to a buffer and then determine that the buffer is full before sending the rest of the line, so the remainder would go in the next packet. In theory, I'm not sure that this should matter, but I'm guessing it might be confusing the client. I've just changed the code to only try to add whole lines to the buffer. Anyway, let us know if this helps.
  14. That is a database problem, we will get it fixed.
  15. I'm writing to let the devs know that when I click the scoreboard, nothing comes up, the app just hangs until the player times out but it never comes back.
  16. I don't know but I really love that other player's name. He's got good taste.
  17. *update - The conniving - Is actually the contriving. I received this on two chars that were head hunted, I now believe it is from trying to gain a favorable advantage from the game. aberrant - this one comes from playing a character in an non standard way, ie a fighter with high brains
  18. Bijo


    I am new to the game. I cant connect to the server. Is it still up?
  19. My apologies, this was probably my fault. Got a little hot under the collar there.
  20. As soon as I found the trove the server went into hyper speed. I had about 2 second and was attacked by a snotgurgle. I didnt think anything of it. I had about 1 second and didnt even have time to use my mana bolt before I got attacked again. It seemed like everything was going super fast. Here is a pic if I can get my character restored.
  21. I just got this one on my Elf the tempered - I have noticed that I have met an unusual number of Hercules on my char and believe this one is from having a high base str
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