Outstanding! We are really excited that you decided to play Phantasia with us! There are a few things you need to know. If you are attempting to run the game using any modern web browser like (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Chromium, Opera, Mozilla Firefox) the game will not boot in the original Java client that you all know and love.

If you are running a legacy browser like Internet Explorer (WINDOWS 11 *nixed Internet Explorer) or a browser called PaleMoon, and you have the Latest Java installed, you can play with the Java client!

We do have a new client, that is coded in Node.js, and works by downloading to your Windows, Mac or Linux PC and it will even auto update to the latest version if a patch is released. The phantasia5.com website will automatically determine your Operating System and supply the correct download link. We look forward to seeing you back into the game if you are an old player OR welcoming new friends to the Realm!

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