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  1. Sandor_Clegane will be my champion.
  2. @Pallando @Icelore I challenge you both ... (Since only 3 people voted) To a duel! Meet me at (-1337, 1337) at 10:00 Pm Wednesday Night, There will be can only be one highlander! Rules::} This. Is. A. Duelout. Must start with a Level 0 Character. You have within 24 hours to create a character from level 0. The First fight begins at 10:00 Central time USA The 3rd (left out of initial duel) has until the end of the fight to initiate combat. Chat will be on fire. People cheer, and a champion is born Version::: PhantasiaV Date::: Wednesday, May 18th 2015 RSVP for you entrance!!!!!! (At least 1 of you needs to enter for me to even participate!)
  3. You just missed me. I hate to be short with you, but I have things to do. There is someone for you in the future, I swear. You're an amazing person and don't settle for less. Talk to you later okay?
  4. Hi guys, I am a very old Phantasia player back from the days of AcidWulf, GremlinPrincess, Locky etc etc. I have always played on and off over the years when the game has been available and I would like to start by saying thank you so much for bringing the game back. It is just a great time killer! Anyway onto my strange death... I was playing a Hylian named Imperious and died to a Begion. I had roughly a 1.3 mill shield etc. and I was playing relatively safe killing Leans and Ungos etc. where my shield was able to take the hits and I could para/evade even haste to help out the process if needed. The strange death occured with a Begion which hit me for over 10 million damage. I hadn't been TP'ed to a larger size and I hadn't lost shield or speed to any special attacks... It just really has me baffled as like I have stated Ungos, Lean, Dragons at that level where no problem I also had a stack of charms. 23> Imperious, the level 371 Hylian, was killed by Begion on Mon Mar 28 16:05:55 2016. That was the exact death as of the scoreboard. Any light shed on it would be great. Many Thanks, Mark Welcome back to the wonderful world of Phantasia! Sorry to hear of your death. I wonder if it is possible that the Begion Critical hit you? I know in the Vanilla every so often you can critical hit the monsters for 1000% of your strength, maybe it is higher... I'll try to provide a screenshot next time it happens for me.
  5. Much truth there. I have to say your profile picture is amazing!
  6. Hello Icelore! I started playing Phantasia when I was 12 too, on a Windows 98 with AOL Dial Up.
  7. @SilentMusician Do you have examples of the graphics that you could see the game having? Would it be an additional box that would display the images, or in the same field that the game text is scrolling? Not too familiar with those Usernames. I am looking forward to playing with you though!
  8. Oh. Where is the quest center? I guess I could search for it... I'm sure if I battle an army of morons I could find out. Lol.
  9. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Found the trove at level 28. Grinded to level 30 and then went to the Mines of Moria (910,910) exactly and rested there for a good deal of time. I did not obtain any mithril plates for Quest #10. I then moved to another location within the Mines of Moria randomly--- no success there. I then tried to complete Quest #1 at (690,690), rested there long enough to degenerate. I have tried resting within cloak ( I know that is silly, but I was willing to try anything at this point) to make it go faster and uninterrupted. I have yet to get a pizza delivered to me and embrace the cold magical metal within the mines. HALP!
  10. I have heard that D&D 3.5 has been made easily accessible in .pdf format. I haven't put time into searching out the information on it because I'd rather have the thing in my hand. If anyone is curious as to what is in these books, I will do my best to provide it for you. Whether it be a list of all the monsters from manuals I-V, a collection of rings of power and their attributes, or the 9 lords of evil and their descriptions. Sharing is Caring!
  11. Hello SilentMusician! What character names do/did you like to use? (Just curious if I would remember any of them.. =D)
  12. Met a couple through my work and we got into a discussion about Dungeons and Dragons. Before I had quit, they had mentioned that they were going to sell their 3.5 books. I managed to get ahold of them in time to buy them. Here is my collection now. It also includes the 4th edition core rulebook set, another Players handbook, and 3 Dungeon Master screens. Woot. I would like to start collecting miniatures. I think it would be cool to have a miniature for every monster in the D&D Universe ( multiples of some), yet it would be very expensive and space consuming. Maybe someday!
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