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  1. I'm not sure why this is happening. It might add part of the line to a buffer and then determine that the buffer is full before sending the rest of the line, so the remainder would go in the next packet. In theory, I'm not sure that this should matter, but I'm guessing it might be confusing the client. I've just changed the code to only try to add whole lines to the buffer. Anyway, let us know if this helps.
  2. vortex

    5.0.3 is now up

    A few changes since I last posted: * Fixed equipment upgrades from store quests: if a message is given that the player's shield, sword, or quicksilver are upgraded, then they are always improved by at least one point. * Hobbits and mages now have their original names again: halfling and magic-user, respectively. * Fixed several crashes.
  3. vortex

    5.0.2 is up

    So Link has made me a developer now... Anyhow, I've just installed a new release on the server. The only "new" feature is that I've brought back the level-based spell names--as you practice a spell and become more proficient at casting it, the name of the spell will change. Other than that, this release is mainly a bit of a code clean-up; hopefully it will be less likely to crash now.
  4. Not sure that it is 100% done, but I've written a ncurses client. There are things I'd like to add to it (playing sounds for certain things and auto-rerolling stats); I've actually done the former but haven't taken the time to do it in a way that won't just work on my computer, so haven't pushed that yet. https://github.com/mgorse/phantcli
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