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  1. I play pathfinder because thats what I first got into. It is very similar to DnD. Tabletop games... oh boy I could go on for hours. My collection is over 150 games. I like to pick them up at thrift stores if you visit often enough you will find some awesome stuff.
  2. Not sure if this is a bug or not but when I transform a monster in the lost mines a new monster does not appear. *poof they disappear* and I get to keep going. Collect the treasure in the room and keep going.
  3. *update - The conniving - Is actually the contriving. I received this on two chars that were head hunted, I now believe it is from trying to gain a favorable advantage from the game. aberrant - this one comes from playing a character in an non standard way, ie a fighter with high brains
  4. My apologies, this was probably my fault. Got a little hot under the collar there.
  5. As soon as I found the trove the server went into hyper speed. I had about 2 second and was attacked by a snotgurgle. I didnt think anything of it. I had about 1 second and didnt even have time to use my mana bolt before I got attacked again. It seemed like everything was going super fast. Here is a pic if I can get my character restored.
  6. I just got this one on my Elf the tempered - I have noticed that I have met an unusual number of Hercules on my char and believe this one is from having a high base str
  7. Never mind took a second for the server to update my stash. They are there now. Nothing to see here move along.
  8. I think I did not get my gems from a green dragon. You have found an Emerald Orb! As you handle it it breaks apart in your hands into 4858 gems! This total did not get added to my gem total... bug? I am not sure.
  9. So I thought it would be interesting to post what monikers there are and why you think they are that way. So far I have experienced... the adept - I believe this means you have high brains for your level the conniving - I think this one comes from pumping your brains and your magic level the balanced - well because most of your stats are inline with your level
  10. I think I have a fairly accurate formula for finding out what monster sizes are at a post before you get there. Monster size at post = 0.0113*x + 0.669 Where x is the x value of the post in question.
  11. Notice I only have the option to melee or skirmish. The rest of the options did not load.
  12. Notice my awesome new shield
  13. Slider, that name rings a bell. Hope to see you on, Been playing lately with the names Hookshot, slingshot, Longshot. If you remember any of those.
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