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  1. Yep.... Still awaiting a fix, Link. lol What'd you do to P4?! You finally broke it after 10+ years! lol
  2. I bounce back and forth between P5 and PU.
  3. The odds are dramatically low. It was exploited in the past to have it keep scrambling your stats so you left with high speed, strength and health before it did anything negative to your stats. If I recall correctly, it was like a 1% chance or something like that. Those with the source code can correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. There's a system in place that does boot you after a few mins. I think it's generally around 2-3 mins, or up to 1 min if you try to login again.
  5. Sometime in January would be great for me. Maybe I can contact 2 other people and see if they'll jump on, if we get a date?
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