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Recovering an old account


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I've tried every password I can remember using over the last ten years and can't hit on the right one for my GoldenEyes account. Weirdly, I've always used the same password on P4 and played early last year so I'm not sure why I'm having such a brain fart in trying to remember it.

Character names on there should include Pestilence, Sensei, Desolation, Kinslayer, Aquamarine, Carrot, Vimes and Granny (or Weatherwax). Waste, Gadwin, OogieBoogie, SandyClaws, possibly Icarium and a few others should also be on there or associated it with it in the past. All character passwords are blank. Happy to have the characters zapped so I can remake them on my new account if there's no chance of getting into the old.

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7 hours ago, Link said:

You have been PM'd a new password and proof I was in your account.

I dont think you want me to vape these characters lol.

Got it, cheers 🙂 definitely saves me a few hundred hours lol

2 hours ago, Dingle said:

Gadwin you A*se - how the hell are ya!

I'm doing well! How have you been? It's been years!

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