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If you dont want to do math on how much brains str and energy that pesky size 23 kepie has.... this is a nifty tool... however i will warn that it is NOT entirely accurate based on the new "regular, elite, master" system... but will give you enough of an idea to know that you need to make around xxx much damage to kill.
This calc as i understand it is allowed by the rules as it does not show you how much mana kills a size 15 Saruman.


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It tells me that I need another file.



If your computer is looking for msstdfmt.dll, I've attached it. Copy it to one of the following directories, based on your OS:



For 32-bit, copy to C:\Windows\System32

For 64-bit, copy to C:\Windows\SysWow64



Once you've copied the file to the appropriate directory, open a command prompt as an Administrator, and type one of the following commands, based on your OS:



For 32-bit, type regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\msstdfmt.dll

For 64-bit, type regsvr32 C:\Windows\SysWow64\msstdfmt.dll



This should register the DLL appropriately, and allow you to open the program. If you receive an error during registration, please close the command prompt, and reopen the command prompt as an Administrator.


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