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Gadwin's Suicidal Mage

As the title suggests, you're going to die and you're going to die a lot.
Muwahaha. First of all, don't get the idea that this mage is going to look like
Gandalf with Robocop's armour - it's not. You're going to play the first 1.5k
levels or so with a 50k or less shield but you're going to hit council with 20
or less degens. This won't work for everyone, it requires a bit of monster
knowledge, a lot of risk and a bit of luck but I generally find that if I hit
level 30 using this strategy, I'm set for council. Let's get to the leveling.

Rolling: 33 Speed, 8+ Magic Level and Dynamic Stats. Ignore the brains. Don't
even look at them.. I said no! *slaps hand*

0 - 1: Size 1, not much point moving 1 square a time so get level 1 and move to
100, 100 in whichever quad. you're in. Pillage any villages you find on the way,
it's not a lot but you'll need it.

0 - 7: Spend all your money on mana then have the merchant teleport you from
100, 100 - attempt to buy something that you can't afford, twice. - this will
put you in the Moors or the Waste. Make your way down to 400, 400 evading the
monsters you know aren't good kills, LOing what you think you can but mostly
making use of all the mana you bought down at 100, 100. Spend all your money on
mana at 400, 400 and go to size 7.

7 - 30: Hopefully you'll have a shield, 1k mana or so and the cash to restock on
it as you need to. Sell all your swords to the smithy for extra mana money. When
you hit level 7, move to size 9 - or 11, if you really don't mind the risk of
dying - and fight until you hit level 12.

This is when you bring out you're trover. A trover is a character that's sole
use is to find the treasure trove for your other characters and if you're using
this guide then I'm assuming you know how to do that. Anyway, find the trove and
use the mage to teleport onto it for a blessing and a couple of gems and then
repeat once or twice depending on the reward so you have a nice little stock of

Move immediately to size 11 and pick Dark Lords when you can, I find it usually
takes 9 or 10 charms for a size 11 DL, so you can work out when it's safe to
pick him for yourself. Once the charms are done you'll be level 30 or so, maybe
a bit more. Hopefully you'll have the gems for a lot of mana money now. Buy a 1k
shield, if you haven't already. You should be picking Nazguls from now on.

30 - 50/60: Fight in size 11 - 14 - watch out for Wyvern, they sometimes get a
couple of hits in on me which are deadly (only Wyvern and Scatha ever kill me
heh) lol - until you get to level 50/60 and have around 50 or so gems. Move
immediately to size 19.

60 - 120/150: This would be a good time to check your bolt damage and calculate
how much you need for a Leanan-Sidhe. I generally bolt everything up here as
this strategy doesn't leave much room for buying books. Your max mana should be
enough for a Leanan but you're not going to pick it from those numerous *cough*
pick scrolls, you'll be picking Ungoliant. Her gem drops are great and she drops
Silmaril - the 2 things that we're after here. You know what to do, don't you?
Bolt, Bolt, Bolt, Para-Evade-Breathe, Bolt, Bolt, Bolt, FF-LO-Fail-Bolt-Breathe
etc. etc. remembering to restock on mana. When you get 100+ gems and level 120 -
150, teleport up to the 3.6k post and take a step back to land in size 40.

150 - 300: This is the only time in this strategy - May Arella let it be! - that
we'll be hunting specifically for gems. Use your time between level 150 - 300 as
you like between the 3.6k and 10k posts. Hopefully you'll get a nice chunk of
the realm's gems.

300 onwards: Fight where you can kill a Leanan and have 5 - 20k or so mana left.
Now may also be a good time to try and get a ring of power from the DL as I
don't think many of you are going to be feeling very safe. At some point out
here you're going to find yourself nearing 1k gems, spend 250 of them on a 50k
shield - you'll still get one hit but ah well, eh?

Keep selling your sword. Keep your mana stocked up. FF-Para-Evade what you don't
have the mana left to kill. And.. Don't die.