Rule #1 : The Game Wizards are always right.

The game will timeout waiting for input which gets faster as a player goes up in levels. This is to try to keep the game a bit faster paced.

The corpse of a council member or valar has never been found.

A guru will never be disgusted with your sins if they are less than one.

Teleports are more efficient over shorter distances.

A medic wants approximately half of a player's gold to cure 1 poison, more to cure blindness. Never offer a medic what you don't have.

There is a maximum amount of mana a player may possess, based upon level.

Buying books will increase brains and thus increase the effectiveness of luckout. No matter how they are bought, each book is less effective than the last.

Characters are automatically retired when they get close to level 10000.

Curses, plagues and monster attacks inflict more poison in outer circles.

Blindness goes away in time.

Beware of merchants. They are a greedy lot.

If you're being harassed by a bully, consider using all-or-nothing. The spell is an equalizer to prevent high-level characters from picking on low-level ones. It is much more effective against sinful characters than non-sinful ones.

Do not meddle in the affairs of Game Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger. In particular, do not ask the Game Wizards for help unless the game is at fault, not you.

Do not bother the apprentices for help with the game, for they do not have the capability to do so. They are only able to punish and moderate.

Getting the holy grail on a character that isn't yours isnt recomended. Shared characters are fine, but grailing is a single player quest.

To become an apprentice you need to be chosen by a wizard to be one, asking to be one will not aid in your endeavors

Anything that unbalances the game, makes it too easy, or is a problem with the code is considered a loop-hole. Any persons caught abusing such loop holes shall be punished.

Remember, you can loose speed in combat to fatigue, and hits from monsters add to your fatigue. Entering combat with a low speed can result in a death to fatigue or greed after the monster eats up your speed. (In laymans terms: Greed doesn't only happen when you enter combat with zero speed, be careful with lots of gold!)

Good luck and have fun! Press "The Game" below to start a game.