Player Status - This player status provides all the information about the status of the characters. To make things easier, we'll discuss each side at a time.

The left side of the player status frame shows your characters energy, strength and speed and mana stats. The percent of each compared to the maximum is displayed with a color bar, starting at green when at 100% and slowing turning to red at 20%. The actual number is displayed in the center of the bar.

To the right of each bar is equipment that modifies the stat: shield, sword and quicksilver. This equipment's adjustment is already incorporated into the bar. Each plus with this equipment adds directly to the character's stat.

The top of the right side provides character location information. Included is the character name, the name of the location and the coordinates of the character's present location.

Below this are pictures and values describing a character's more important stats. Here's a quick rundown of what the pictures mean.

- Character Level

- Gold

- Gems

- Tokens

- Amulets

- Charms

/ - Cloak

/ - Blessing

/ - Staff or Crown

/ - Palantir

/ - Ring

/ - Virgin

- Shield

- Sword

- Quicksilver

The action buttons are used for most of the decisions in Phantasia, so you'll be pushing them a lot. To make things easier, the numbers 1-8 on your keyboard can be used in place of are aliases for any of these buttons as long as the cursor is not in the input field in the chat area. The function keys will do the same thing and will work in the chat input field. You can also use the space bar to hit the left-most active button. Button 7 is replaced with different options as you progress in the game, starting with "Help" which tells you information that is good for you. "Enact", "Decree", "Intervene", "Command", which are the powers of the Steward, King/Queen, Council and Valar.

The list of players on the right will tell you who is currently playing and give some basic information about them. A letter is used to designate the character race and a second may be used for characters that have attained special ranks. Race designations are M, F, E, G, D, H and X for Mage, Fighter, Elf, Gnome, Dwarf, Hobbit and Experimento. Rank designations are N, S, K, Q, C, V, X, A, and W for Knight, Steward, King, Queen, Council of the Wise, Valar, Ex-Valar, Apprentice, and Game Wizard.

The number to the right of these designations indicate the channel a character is in. Players can only hear and speak to other players who are in the same channel. Players start on channel 1, the newbie channel, but have the option to change this under the "Info" menu available while playing. Profanity is not permitted on channel 1 and speaking privileges may be taken away if this is abused.

The Compass - The compass is in the lower right corner of the Phantasia screen and is the easiest way to move about. The compass is used for moving in different directions and to rest.

Please note this is not the full size of the applet, depending on your resolution the applet can appear to spaced out or scrunched together, but in whole it has everything you need to provide you with an enjoyable experience, adjust it to your preferences and start slaying.