If you are above the level 200 you will have a special skill that can be used once during each monster encounter that depends on these conditions:
1.You do not have a ring
2.You are not fighting against Morgoth
3.You have not used the skill previously in this battle

     Scry - Calcuate (sometimes incorrect) needed mana to fell a beast.

     Bull Rush - At the cost of some mana you can run at a monster and beat it repeatedly, costing energy.

     Kharma - At the cost of some mana you can attacks monsters by calculating how close to max your brains are (will fail when fighting certain types)

     Invigorate - Adds slight buffs to, strength, speed, energy in a fight

     Rock Steady - Allows you to take hits that would fell a weaker character. (maybe it is the beard that helps)

     True Shot - At the cost of some mana you can take aim at the enemy, could hit a vital spot. Possible reduced damage from the enemy

     Wand of Wonder - You wave your wand of wonder and random stuff happens.