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*     Gads (Not Gadwin) Elf/Mage Guide     *


Howdy folks. Before we start, I'm going to tell you that this is not the 
best strategy for the new players. It can be rough in the beginning, but it 
will turn out pretty decent. This strategy is called the "AoN" strategy 
(short for 'All or Nothing'). The AoN strategy does not begin until you get 
60 magic. It's best to use a magic class, such as elf or mage, to use this 
strategy because AoN success rate is based on your magic level. The higher 
your magic level is, the more chance of success.

Additional Information:

All or Nothing will get better as it is used, UP TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL. After 
the highest level, its success rate slightly lowers the more you use it. The 
levels of All or Nothing is as follows: All or Nothing, Last Ditch, Alamo, 
Blitz, Kamikaze. Once you reach Kamikaze, like I said before, the success 
rate will slightly lower the more you use it. It may be wise to conserve the 
success rate as much as possible by bolting and luck out monsters that you 
think you can successfully bolt or luck out and use the least amount of 

The AoN Method:

The AoN method is a changing method. The more effective your paralyze is, 
the more AoN's you can do with out being hit. When you reach level 60 magic, 
you are going to do the following on monsters, watch closely: Force Field, 
Force Field, Paralyze (until it says "(Monster) is held"), All or Nothing, 
Paralyze (until successful), AoN, Paralyze (until successful), AoN. If all 
three AoN's fail, you must evade. AONING MORE THAN 3 TIMES IS NOT SMART, 
never AoN more than three times. You can do it 4, but then they might hit 
you. Also, the monster might hit you after the 2nd or 3rd AoN, if they do 
hope their hit was not strong enough to kill you, or your shield held. 
Usually a paralyzed monster does not hit that hard, if they do hit you.


Now we are going to get down to the leveling. In this guide, I'm not only 
tell you how to kill monsters when you get paralyze, I'm also going to tell 
you how to get up to the point of where you get paralyze with as less age as 
possible. You'll probably have your first degen around level 50-60, because 
this strategy is just that good, if you do it right. Usually a Magic User 
gets paralyze at level 16-18, and a Elf gets paralyze at level 20-22. You 
can either follow these guides leading up to paralyze, or you can do your 
own method of leveling and when you get paralyze you can read what I have to 
say at that point. Now to the levels.

0-1 - Get level 1, pillage all villages. Once you reach level 1, go to the 
100 post that is in your quad. When you get to the post, use all your money 
to buy mana.

1-4 - After you buy mana leave the post and go to 400 post in your quad. 
Kill all the monsters and pillage all villages that are in your way between 
the 100 and 400 quad post. You should be about level 3 once you reach to the 
400 post in your quad. Beware: You might find yourself in size 3 with a 
level 1 character. Luck out, and if that fails melee, the smaller monsters 
below Smurfs. You will find Wargs, Orcs, and Smurfs. I usually try and Luck 
Out them as many times as I can. Once the Luck Out fails I evade them and 
then continue my way up to 400 post. Once you get to 400 post you are either 
level 3 or level 4. You should have roughly 200-300 mana and 200-500 gold 
from the monsters and pillaging all the villages. Once again buy all the 
mana possible at the post. DON'T BUY A SHIELD; you don't need it that bad. 
Try and find shields from monsters.

4-13 - Stay in one size bigger than your level up to level 9. So that means 
if you are level 5 you're in size 6, level 6 you're in size 7, level 7 
you're in size 8 level, 8 you're in size 9. Once you get to level 9, go 
ahead and go into size 10, but do not go to size 11, unless you're looking 
for a post and the 900 post is size 11. While you're doing all this, melee 
small monsters, luck out and bolt bigger monsters that can hurt you pretty 
bad. You should find a shield between these levels and make sure you always 
have over 500 mana. You should always keep over 500 mana, so the extra money 
you have goes to books. Once you get level 13, you should have teleport. Now 
get on your trover (and for people who don't know what a trover is, a trover 
is a character dedicated to finding troves so the character that isn't 
troving can keep it's age low by not looking for a low-sized trove). Find 
where the trove is to within 1 square, and get back on you're character and 
find the trove. After getting the trove, work on getting 5k+ gold because 
you're going to need a 1k+ shield for the next step of this guide.

13-17 or 21 - Like I stated before magic users get paralyze at level 17, and 
elves get it at level 21. When you get paralyze, this is where you're choice 
comes in, go straight to size 12 or 13. Thirteen has the same monsters as 
12, but they show up more. Continue to bolt and luck out all the monsters 
that are not above A Bonnacon. Use the AoN method on monsters above A 
Bonnacon. Typical monsters above A Bonnacon include A Gargoyle, Smeagol, A 
Wraith, A Phooka, A Vortex, A Snotgurgle, A Thaumaturgist, A Bandersnatch, A 
Harpy, A Tigirs, and A Coblynau. Monsters above Shelob might appear in size 
13, and if they do, don't worry, just use the AoN method. When you get pick 
scrolls, pick Saruman and hope to get gems, you want gems bad. You are going 
to get lots of money here so be sure to use that money for a good reason... 
BOOKS!!!! Buy lots of books with the money you get from the monsters. The 
monsters I said above will drops massive piles of gold and you're speed will 
drop quickly.

17-25 - Once you get a 4k or so shield you should go to size 14. Stay in 
size 14 until you start to pretty much paralyze every monster on the first 
try. Remember to keep buying books every time you speed drops. Even if it 
drops 1, buy books, but you must keep a stock of mana. Mana comes before 
books. So if you have mana and you have gold, buy books.

25-50 - Once you get pretty comfy with you're paralyze, and it's hitting all 
the monsters on the first try, go to size 15. You are going to stay here 
until you get 50 gems, or you get to level 100. DO NOT GO TO SIZE 19, in 
size 19 all the monsters, including Leanan, appear in size 19. You can ease 
your way up there while you're leveling, maybe you can go up 1 size every 10 
levels. Stay in size 15 or where ever you're at until you get 50 gems, once 
you get 50 gems, spend them on a shield. That would be a 10k shield. When 
you get this 10k shield go to size 19. You should be about level 50.

50-150 - (You are going to degen in this period if you have followed my 
guide the right way). You're goal is to get 100-150 gems. When you get 
100-150 gems you should hopefully be around level 80-100. After you get 
100-150 gems, buy a shield between 20-30k. Once you get this shield and 
you're levels is over 90. Go to 3100, 3100 in you're quad. Stay there and 
Luck Out and Bolt the monsters below A Bonnacon. The small monsters like A 
Centipede can be meleed, DUH. Don't waste mana on small monsters, melee them 
or Luck out them.

150+   - This is what you need to do for yourself. All I can say is continue 
to go up in sizes that you are comfortable in. Don't go, "Like OMG I can 
kill all these monsters in this size, I'm going way up! It will be easy 
because these ones are easy!" They get harder... Common sense.

Now you're probably thinking, "Gad you are the craziest person I know, you 
never melee on a monster with a magic user!" Well if you just said that then 
you can forget this strategy and do it you're own way. I'm right, you're 
wrong. You do not get age for ever melee you do. So you can have 100 age, 
enter a fight with a monster, melee 50 millionkajillion times, and when the 
battle is over you only have 101 age. It does not matter if you melee a 
monster to death, just remember to use Luck out first and if it fails go 
ahead and melee. If the monster has a decent amount of energy, such as a 
Hob-Goblin you should bolt. What I ususally do is bolt for 50 every time 
untill it dies, I do this for all the monsters.

Well.. That's it. It's a risky strategy. Like I said earlier, don't use this 
strategy if you are not experienced. Use Ravyns Basic Elf Strategy, it may 
be a little more help for you if you are 'newer'. Please don't do this 
strategy and then say it sucks