Welcome to the Phantasia5 Java Help page. Phantasia5 uses a Java Applet for a game window which is compatable with most systems, but they have to have Java software installed and enabled in order to play. Any number of issues can cause the applet to not load, and or have issues once loaded, this page is here to help track down what is causing your particular issue.

First off, if when you chose a client in the 'Play Now' area, it loaded the next page, and then loaded an applet, and you recieved an error in the applet saying "The system could not connect to the server. The server could be down or a firewall could exist between you and it. Please try again later", chances are the game is down temporarily, within ten minutes it will start back up and you will be able to play. If after an extended period of time you still recieve that message, Contact a Game Wizard for assistance.

If when you chose a client in the 'Play Now' area, it loaded the next page, and just sat there, check the text of that page, if you recieved a message stating "Your browser does not currently support Java applets, See 'Help' for assistance", you may not have Java software installed, or it may not be enabled.

If you are seeing a pink box above this text, please Contact a Game Wizard for assistance and include what text is in the pink box, which browser you are using, and operating system you have installed in the email.

Otherwise, check your browser settings for an option to enable Java, if none exists you need to Download software from java.sun.com, install it, and enable it in your browser. If you have installed a version of java, it shows up in your browser options, but still doesn't appear to work, and it is not in your add/remove programs control panel, you may have a corrupted installation present, follow the instructions Here to remove it and reinstall.

If you still are unable to enter the game, please Contact a Game Wizard for assistance.