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  1. Could we add a simple counter for how many monsters / players / dark lords / etc were killed? Right on the stat page.. maybe even have a naming scheme for player progression. "The Slaughterer" Maybe just a counter. Warmexxus smashed 6,543 monsters. 2 Players. 1 Funny Bone. Ouch.
  2. Maybe it's been mentioned before, I'm not sure. I was just attempting to duel with DangerousDave and when he evaded the game crashed for both us, we were both set back to a previous state. He lost a 10k shield. That could be an issue I think if a pvp can crash the server, though you guys ought to know about it. Hope you're well
  3. I have nothing but time, patience, and the utmost respect for you guys. You keep this fantastic game alive and updated and that is more than I could hope for. I'm just keeping y'all informed of how it's working. Enough thanks cannot be given.
  4. Just saw these replies. Thanks. The scoreboard doesn't popup, the main buttons lose labels.. the app hangs waiting for a forced reload. Player list stays up but clicking on any names doesn't produce a popup.
  5. I'm writing to let the devs know that when I click the scoreboard, nothing comes up, the app just hangs until the player times out but it never comes back.
  6. I don't know but I really love that other player's name. He's got good taste.
  7. I haven't got a screenshot. The gandalf spell cast is no longer popping up for me to choose a monster. It just happened but I have to say it's been a consistent thing the past week or two, I figured I was just too powerful or something and the game didn't want me to keep smashing dragons. But it seems that Gandalf is losing his potency. He may need better glasses to read the scrolls.. maybe his cataracts are getting worse.
  8. There are fewer players on these days. Few and far between. I keep the client up and periodically check it for someone online, at which point I'll join them. Maybe there could be some kind of notification when players are online? Email or Text would be cool.. Maybe a global player count being displayed on the website somewhere so we all know when other people are online? Some way of linking us together. OR I could just check manually as I have been and that's just fine. I like to make my life easier / more convenient when possible. =D
  9. The user input box never times out, the client does timeout in the background but the input box stays open.. if you enter an input after the timeout happens doesn't do anything, but the box never closes. I believe this is true for all input boxes. Like porting... it just stays open and everything runs in the background... the smithy is another input box situation, the medic... there's a timeout that happens but it just doesn't close the input box. Does this affect anything? Not really but it appears to be able to cast after the move has been idled out... unclear if monsters keep attacking in the background waiting for input.. or not I dunno.
  10. I've seen a single "G" there.. but otherwise it's missing.
  11. I'll have to stop playing for a bit. Just lost my 350 mage when i tried to transport a moron, while I had 0 speed, and it appeared like the transport didn't cast but the moron killed me. Something is preventing spells from casting reliably.
  12. Happened again with Thaum this time as well.
  13. Bolted three times, no damage shown, evaded. Took a screenshot so you could see.
  14. When I put the address in the input box it just went red and wouldn't submit. I tried refreshing the page and it wasn't letting me. I thought maybe because it didn't have an extension so I manually put .html and .png but it didn't allow either. There was no error message
  15. Hey. I want to send you this screenshot. It doesn't affect gameplay (I assume) but there can be times when loading the client will produce unexpected results such as this... other times the text block information for the words on the UI will be replaced with random other data. Like the shield text "label" will display some long number. Similar in nature to what you'll see below. Here is something from today. Some issue with me uploading an image directly to this post. So I will link to it Here
  16. This app is the future lol we need more development. How can I help
  17. Spell cast = meteor.. Flaming balls of fire destroy 3,000 soldiers and 5 catapults. Enemy camp is on fire plus damage. Which increases the morale and luck of the victim to couterattack for 200% damage of remaining troops. Lmao it could just go on to infinity. Destroy throne? Destroy castle? Occupy castle... Collect resources..
  18. I've played games where troops were used... Hundreds or thousands or hundreds or thousands of troops could be used.. They have upkeep costs... Upgrades and resources needed to maintain them. Massive battles against forces of evil or other players armies could be a part of Phantasia. So it would make the game bigger than one player solo pvp and more of a diverse competition of forces that may or may not be embued with magical powers. It may change the essence of the game but maybe companions? Allies? Groups of four? Clans were going to be a part of the game in the future and also king of the hill events for each kingdom having their own throne and such.. We could have armies also.. Which would add more to the quest for power... Maybe an all powerful mage can't rule armies or only so many but the power dwarves can command many many more and over run the kingdom of the mages with brute strength.. When but some stroke of luck the dwarf army develops a famine and fatigue and loses their strength which the mage summons their dragon minions to blast away the armies in battle. Mage wins. Everyone is happy. To the winner goes the spoils. Hopefully another army isn't raised to topple the magic empire. Such is my vision
  19. Nevermind. I see the other posts. It's not a bug.
  20. Hi Firstly I want to say awesome game... you know I love this game How come the when I put in monster #59 and I want 5 of them, then pay for them, but instead I get some other random monster. Like a dang Cerberus just wooped me when I didn't even order 5 of him. Is there a random number part of this selector? My character KillerBlackMage just got smoked for no reason. =(
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