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Game Night?


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Wondering if it would be possible to coordinate a game night, try to get everyone on one a week or bi-weekly for a few hours in the evening. Would be great, maybe do some PK Tourney's or Trove Hunts...Any other ideas welcome. In any case; the more the merrier. Vote for as many days as you want, everyone has seven votes.

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@Pallando @Icelore I challenge you both ... (Since only 3 people voted) To a duel! Meet me at (-1337, 1337) at 10:00 Pm Wednesday Night, There will be can only be one highlander!


This. Is. A. Duelout.

Must start with a Level 0 Character.

You have within 24 hours to create a character from level 0.

The First fight begins at 10:00 Central time USA

The 3rd (left out of initial duel) has until the end of the fight to initiate combat.

Chat will be on fire. People cheer, and a champion is born

Version::: PhantasiaV

Date::: Wednesday, May 18th 2015

RSVP for you entrance!!!!!!

(At least 1 of you needs to enter for me to even participate!)

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