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Just want to say hello to all out there from old and new.

Im Slider been here on and off for many years since the days of brian and arella.
Good to c the game running well as allways and it being updated to P5 whayyy

Hope to c some old and new player in game.
All the best and a happy new year to all

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Haha nerd !!!! good when you know who you are http://phorums.phantasia5.com/wcf/images/smilies/emojione/263a.png


Ps get on p5 sometime and enjoy the wonderfull socketts http://phorums.phantasia5.com/wcf/images/smilies/emojione/263a.png http://phorums.phantasia5.com/wcf/images/smilies/emojione/1f61b.png

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