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I'm having trouble getting into the game, the applet isn't loading


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I'm also not sure what to put under exceptions to let it get through.


Hello Kiyone!



I'll repost this because it was hard for me to find. even...







I use Firefox, and it wasn't too difficult to jump through 3 Java roadblocks. I'll list here a quick way to do it.



Start> All Programs > Java > Configure Java (Window opens, Click Security tab at the top of new window)



Click on "Edit Site List..." tab. (If you cannot click on it, you may have to lower the java security from very high to high)

Click on "Add" ( A new line will pop up on the list with a red stop sign to the left)

Enter http://www.phantasia4.net

Enter http://www.phantasia4.net/cgi-bin/130_client.cgi

Enter http://www.phantasia4.net/cgi-bin/p4_client.cgi



(The red stop sign should disappear when entering in the full web address. I.E..http://www.yadayadayda.com)



Save changes.



This is the method that worked for me to allow the java applet to load in Firefox.











I hope this works for you! =D

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Hey, I added those 3 exceptions and I still can't get through. It says "Your security settings have blocked a self-signed application from running." I can't find ind any option that deals with self-signed applications, I tried disabling everything I could find in the advanced menu and nothing . I am using Firefox and the latest version of Java. I have periodically checked in the last 4 years and I have always been able to sidestep this kind of thing until now. Wondered if anyone had any ideas short of finding an older version of java.

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I uninstalled all Java from my computer and installed the most recent version. I can still get the applet to load. Can you upload a screenshot?

I googled your error and it says that even with the latest version of java a self-signed application can be allowed via exceptions.

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Give a shout when you get a chance. You can always try Link's method of using Internet Explorer... It's not quite the same playing field because he's a Linux wiz as opposed to us obsolete Window's users... or Mac if you are an artist. I imagine it will come up with the same error however, as it presents the same security features as Firefox. Double check your security settings within Firefox or other Web Browser as well. Sometimes an Ad Blocker is the case.

I honestly think that the accessibility to this game is part of the reason why it isn't more popular. The friends I've shown (of the few I have) have declined playing this game when I tell them that I have to alter their security settings.

Is there a way for you to make this game easier to access Link? Are there costs? Would it make the game more insecure to hackers?

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